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With this news item, we wish to pay our respect to Sanjay Ganpat Brouwer, also internally known as, and famous for, 'the rasta man image'. Unfortunately, last week, Sanjay passed away in his sleep. The man who, was not accepted in Suriname for his homosexuality and moved to Amsterdam, where he became an extravagant paradise bird of the city's club scene, is no more. Sanjay was an icon of freedom and the right to be yourself, from day one and the first impressive image to be linked to the early campaigns of Project Aware. Sanjay will live on in our communication to spread the word, which he not only embodies but radiates through every pore and poster pixel. Sanjay is all what Project Aware stands for and more. May he have found peace and acceptance. Respect for the man who was himself and who I have always carried with me (and always will) in my wallet, as he so perfectly poses on my business card's backside.
 Jeroen Aalders,
Initiator and Managing Director
Project Aware
Sanjay RIP
In loving memory - Ganpat Brouwer 1973 - 2016
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