Everything starts with awareness. Likewise, did Project Aware, aiming to initiate and stimulate a similar awareness process, as had happened to the two initiators. During a trip along the Himalayas, they learned to value freedom and founded Project Aware in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Over the years, many try-out projects, actions and events have had a successful go at reaching out to the young- and young-minded and everyone else interested. Although Project Aware operated entirely without money, and we had made many Aware in our wake, this was never the end goal we had in mind. So, now, join the subsequent story as it continues, with the international roll-out of Project Aware's plausible- and promising projects and freedom-spreading follow-up: Project Aware, Freedom - The Next Step!
Time has come to link you and all the previously awakened awareness to some serious subsequent action. The action-based, so-called, 'next step' shall start the international roll-out of Project Aware's proven projects supplemented with, the yet to be introduced, power-to-the-people platform and matching new 2.0 projects as the logical follow-ups. From awareness to action and beyond; that is what this second chapter is all about.

After Project Aware's post-experimental period, you asked for more. You asked us to come up with possibilities to participate and something, which everybody could easily use, to help make the world a better place. Well, we did not only listen, but continuously committed ourselves to the cause and started out with a few fine forward-thinking, early adopters and -believers, who are now building that very campaigning community you all asked for. As we believe that every single one of us has the power to change and that all these efforts combined can make a difference, you are the main reason we have worked hard behind the screens to launch such a site soon. Now, it is your turn to make magic and make things happen. So, please fill in your name and email address and help shape, shake and move this new movement!
Over the weeks to come, we shall then tease and please you with our plans, projects, platform and co-created content and community.

Previously on Project Aware

For those of you who are not quite familiar with where we come from, here is some more info on Project Aware. Via various projects during the Project Aware period and as the name already suggests, we mainly focused on awareness and asked our target audience what freedom meant and how important this was for them. In stopping and making aware, for example, a pizza delivery boy and/or the average partying festival visitor, they all came to the conclusion that too often they took freedom for granted. However, when we drew their attention to-, they took the time for-, and stopped to consider and reflect on freedom, freedom was not only very important but often on their top10, top3 or even number 1 of their values and things they feel are in important in life.


Click on the image/PDF ‘Project Aware - throughout the years’ below for a short summary of the Project Aware period. These were the try-out were realized completely without donations, government grants and sponsor money. Yes, together, we did all that and more and collectively, we can take the next step: Project Aware – Freedom, The Next Step!

About Project Aware
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