Hello early-believers, freedom-valuing, forward-thinking party-people. Ready to rock a revolution, shake a system, move a movement and wake-up the world?
Everything starts with awareness. Likewise, did Project Aware, aiming to initiate and stimulate a similar awareness process, as had happened to the two initiators. During a trip along the Himalayas, they learned to value freedom and founded Project Aware in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Over the years, many try-out projects, actions and events have had a successful go at reaching out to the young- and young-minded and everyone else interested. Although Project Aware operated entirely without money and we had made many Aware in our wake, this was never the end goal we had in mind. So, now, join the subsequent story, as it continues, with among other things, the international roll-out of Project Aware's plausible and promising projects and freedom-spreading follow-up:

Project Aware

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 9 april 2016

DANCE4FREEDOM is much more than just good music and a good night’s out. DANCE4FREEDOM is all about you! Dancing away, moving like you have never moved before; feeling free on the dance floor and fully being yourself while you enjoy and become music. Music and people - people and music! Going to a DANCE4FREEDOM event is like attending some special, super demonstration where, together with the other kindred-spirited party people, you embody a freedom signal, realize that you're not alone and are an inspiration for all those who are not yet on board. Come celebrate the launch of our new people-powered platform and directly support the cause!
Click the button below to get your tickets and join / check out our next edition!


With the launch of this 'Project Aware - Freedom, The Next Step' site, we have taken the first step towards into a freedom-filled future. Click on the featured news article(s) below to see them or the overview, where we keep you posted with all noteworthy news and updates.

DANCE4FREEDOM's first female DJ is ... DJ Isis

    DANCE4FREEDOM / DJ ISIS We are happy to announce our very first female DJ who will bring a wonderful set for freedom, DJ Isis! When we asked DJ Isis, what freedom means for her, this is what she said: “Freedom is something very special. We are born in…


Well, so are we. As we're almost ready for 'Freedom - The Next Step', yet, in order to succeed, we will need you on board. Connect to our community, campaign and collectively contribute to the cause. Start by signing up. Showing and sharing in your social circle and promote participation among your friends/networks you know. Fuel the future of freedom by heading straight for the header and typing your name and email in the fields. For freedom, freedom first and you'll be the first to hear from us.

want more?

After you have filled in your name and email address, we shall slowly reveal and release all the post Project Aware 2.0 projects, events and activity, bit by bit to our partners, promotional press and media and to you!
However, if you cannot wait and might have any ideas, which you wish to include in 'Project Aware, Freedom - The Next Step' or want to see if you can sponsor the mission with your core business, product, service or expertise and/or do more than just wait for updates and launch, then feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below. Likewise, if you might have come across anything, you think we should improve on design, functionality, user experience, etc. as we are currently working on the almost-ready-for-beta-testing version of the site/community. Together with your input, we build the future of freedom!



We wish to thank all those who have helped us build the organisation without funds and money, from a freedom idea to the very promising Project Aware and towards 'Project Aware, Freedom - The Next Step'.
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